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Fireside Chat with GX Members

Hosted by GrowthX
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Been thinking about joining GrowthX?

​We respect your need to understand the time and energy required before you commit to the 8-week experience. We're here to solve just that!

We're running a live Q&A session where our members will address all your questions about GrowthX.

It will be an open, chill and interactive session that you can relate to. The conversation will help you decide if GrowthX is the right fit for you. Don't worry, we will be unbiased to this framework, we just want the best for you!

Some of the key members who will join.
1. Adhar Masand | Senior Director, ElevateHQ
2. Neeti Patel | Product Manager, Justo Brokerage
3. Gaurav Shrishrimal | Co-Founder, Kaagaz
4. Robin Singhvi | Founder, SmartCue

Few questions that we'll cover
1. What is the core outcome out of GX?
2. Is this is for you?
3. Is it worth spending time & money on?
4. Can you do GX with an intense full-time job?
5. Why do people brag about the GX fam?
6. Plus, audience Q&As.