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Cover Image for INFLUENTIA
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Building upon the concept of the "Influencer," Influentia spotlights pioneering artists in generative art and AI/GAN history from Le Random’s collection. These visionaries have pushed boundaries and wield great influence in contemporary artistic discourse.

Influence is a gradual, continuous force which doesn't move in a single direction. It's a nuanced dialogue where trailblazers shape the next generation, and so on – while newer generations can also influence prior generations. This ongoing, omnidirectional conversation birthed today’s flourishing generative art space.

The exhibition begins with Herbert W. Franke and Vera Molnár, whose groundbreaking work in the 1960s explored algorithmic approaches to art. They were at the forefront of investigating the intersection between art and computing, revealing the potential of machines to unlock human expression.

As Molnár stated: "This may sound paradoxical, but the machine, which is thought to be cold and inhuman, can help to realize what is most subjective, unattainable, and profound in a human being."

Generative artists draw inspiration not only from other creative coders, but also from contemporary and modern art, as well as movements throughout art history. Design, architecture, illustration, and film are also influences.

We encourage you not only to forge connections between the pieces in Influentia, but also to consider the vast, intricate web of influences that might have shaped them. The exhibition invites contemplation of the dynamic dialogue between the past, present, and future of generative art.

-Danielle King


Through Machine's Eyes

The world as seen by computers gradually becomes our dominant reality; artificial intelligence and algorithms, like the new age photography, are high technological constructs and unexplored territories filled with unknowns.

The works by Tom White exhibited in this showcase redefine our understanding of the world through the gaze of algorithms. "Perception Engine II," "Composition with Red Blue and Yellow," "Glow Job," and "Pitch Dream" delve into this concept: how machines perceive, comprehend, and express the world. As machine perception becomes increasingly ubiquitous in our daily lives, the world created by computers is slowly becoming our primary reality. Additionally, pioneers in the long-term study of AI art, such as Refik Anadol, Mario Klingemann, and Helena Sarin, bring various possibilities from different perspectives through their observations of AI GAN art.

Finally, Taiwanese generative artist Aluan Wang is also pushing the boundaries of creation through artificial intelligence. His new work, "Diary of the Sea: Life on Southern Island," combines p5.js and AI algorithms in collaboration to portray more scenes of nature and life's confrontations.

Most of the artworks in this exhibition are provided by Ju-Chun Ko (daaab.eth). Besides promoting new technology, he holds a different identity outside the classroom: a blockchain art collector who uses his collection to document the technological art history he perceives, subtly enabling others to see the world as seen by the machines he collects.


  • Date: Dec 8th, 2023 (Fri) - Jan 7th, 2024 (Sun)

  • ​Time: 10:00-18:30 [Closed on Dec 13 & 14th]

  • ​Location: IEgo Art - FindARTs Gallery

  • ​Address: 2nd Floor, No. 23, Lane 30, Section 4, Xinyi Road, Da’an District, Taipei City 106

  • ​Transport: 5-minute walk from Daan MRT Station

  • Opening Reception and Talk: Dec 16th (Sat) 15:00

  • ​Visual and Graphic Design: ssshihtung

  • ​Host: AUO Optronics, i/o lab

  • Curators: akaswap, Le Random, Volume DAO

  • Co-host: c2x3, iEgoArt

  • Supported by Le Random and National Culture and Arts Foundation's "Act for the Future"

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以「影響者」的概念為基礎,本此展覽「Influentia」聚焦於 Le Random 收藏品中生成藝術和 AI/GAN 歷史上的先鋒藝術家。在當代藝術的論述中,這些前瞻人士打破了界限,施展了巨大的影響力。


展覽始於赫伯特.弗蘭克和維拉.莫納爾。他們在 20 世紀 60 年代的開創工作探索了藝術的演算法途徑。他們在藝術與電腦計算的交匯處進行探究,揭開了機器解鎖人類表達行為的潛能。








本次展出的 Tom White 作品,透過機器的凝視重新認識世界。《感知引擎 II》、《紅色、藍色和黃色的構成》、《光交》和《投射綺夢》探討了「演算法凝視」:即機器如何看待、理解和表達世界。隨著機器的感知在我們日常生活中日益普遍,由電腦創造的世界也慢慢成為主要的現實。另外,雷菲克・安納多爾(Refik Anadol)、馬里奧.克林格曼(Mario Klingemann)和海蓮娜.薩琳(Helena Sarin)三位長期鑽研人工智慧藝術的先驅,也透過自身對於演算法的觀察,從不同的角度帶來各種可能。

最後,台灣生成藝術家王新仁(Aluan Wang)也正透過人工智慧開拓創作的疆界,新作《南島日誌 Diary of the Sea: Life on Southern Island》結合 p5.js 和人工智慧演算法共同創作,尋求更多描繪自然和生活對抗的場景。

本展間多數藏品由寶博士葛如鈞(daaab.eth)提供。他除了是新科技的推廣教育者,走出課堂外更擁有另一個身份 – 區塊鏈藝術藏家,用收藏書寫他所聞的科技藝術史,潛移默化中帶著我們觀看他所觀察機器所觀測的世界。


  • 日期:2023/12/08 (五) -2024/01/07 (日)

  • 時間:10:00-18:30 (12/13-14 不開放)

  • 地點:藝高文創 - FindARTs Gallery

  • 地址:106台北市大安區信義路四段30巷23號2樓

  • 交通:捷運大安站步行5分鐘

  • 開幕茶會暨講座:2023/12/16 (六) 15:00

  • 視覺及平面設計:羅仕東

  • ​主辦:AUO 友達光電、音瀑奧譜聲音藝術實驗室

  • 策展:akaswapLe RandomVolume DAO

  • 協辦:c2x3、藝高文創

  • 贊助:Le Random 與國家文化藝術基金會「藝術未來行動專案」

  • 臉書活動頁面:

No. 23, Lane 30, Section 4, Xinyi Rd
Da’an District, Taipei City, Taiwan 106
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