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final 32 -- a live streamed gameshow for builders.

Hosted by farza
Past Event
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About Event

welcome to final 32.

here's how it will work:

it'll sorta feel like americas got talent x super smash bros, but for people who are building stuff.

we got ppl making musics, short films, ai apps, bio-hardware, indie games -- literally all kinds of stuff.

they will be put in a bracket and have 1v1s showing you what they built.

you'll vote who advances -- and finally, who wins the prize.

last season, the audience voted for the following people to win:

  • a farmer expanding her community gardens.

  • an indie game maker from (where).

  • a group of 4 friends creating a local news for their home in portland, oregon.

  • a singer-songwriter working on producing her first album.

the lives of the winners literally changed. they're all working on their projects full-time now.

so, pull up and bring a friend to decide some people's fates lol.