Cover Image for Filecoin Orbit Ecosystem Showcase at Teamz Summit
Cover Image for Filecoin Orbit Ecosystem Showcase at Teamz Summit
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Filecoin Orbit Ecosystem Showcase at Teamz Summit

Hosted by Timo Lee & 4 others
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Join us for a dynamic exploration of the rapidly evolving Filecoin ecosystem at the prestigious Teamz Summit. Our event, the Filecoin Orbit Ecosystem Showcase, promises an insightful journey into the latest developments, growth, and transformative potential of Filecoin's decentralized storage network.

Event Location:
Teamz Summit Stage 2, Toranomon Hills Forum


  • Secured Finance builds Filecoin Finance

  • Introduction to DMTP (Web3 Communication Protocol)

  • NANODC - Full Filecoin+ Based Structured Datacenter Solution

  • Panel discussion (Fraction Ventures, HashKey, and FogWorks)

Speakers lineup:

The Filecoin ecosystem is experiencing unprecedented growth, with recent advancements in Filecoin Virtual Machine (FVM), InterPlanetary Consensus (IPC), and decentralized storage markets reshaping the landscape of distributed storage and decentralized finance (DeFi).

Our esteemed speakers will provide exclusive updates on Filecoin's recent ecosystem expansions, shedding light on the innovative technologies driving its exponential growth. From the intricacies of FVM to the dynamics DePin markets, this showcase will offer unparalleled insights into Filecoin's evolving ecosystem.

Furthermore, we will delve into the profound impact of Filecoin on decentralized finance, with a special focus on showcasing ecosystem projects. Led by industry pioneers, Secured Finance is spearheading the development of large-scale Filecoin DeFi solutions and pioneering groundbreaking approaches to yield curve innovation.

Join us at the Filecoin Orbit Ecosystem Showcase as we navigate the frontiers of decentralized storage, decentralized finance, and beyond. Be part of the conversation shaping the future of the decentralized web.

Filecoinは前例のない成長を遂げており、最近ではファイルコイン仮想マシン(FVM)、InterPlanetary Consensus(IPC)、そして分散型ストレージ市場の最新技術が、分散型ストレージと分散型ファイナンス(DeFi)の風景を変えています。


さらに、業界の先駆者たちによって牽引されるSecured Financeは、大規模なファイルコインDeFiソリューションの開発を先導し、イールドカーブ革新への画期的なアプローチを模索しています。

Filecoin Orbit・エコシステム・ショーケースにご参加いただき、分散型ストレージ、DeFi, DePinなどのフロンティアを探検しましょう。分散型ウェブの未来を形作る会話の一部となってください。

Hosted by Secured Finance

Toranomon Hills Forum
Japan, 〒105-0001 Tokyo, Minato City, Toranomon, 1-chōme−23−3 虎ノ門ヒルズ森タワー 5F
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