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FieldOS Pitch & Q&A | Enteprise SaaS, Late Seed, Romania

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If most teams working in an office environment have processes and communication means, for restaurants chains, shopping malls and other "deskless" organizations, this aspect is a challenge. The traditional ways as phone calls, spreadsheets and paper documents are still the chosen way to establish connection between the field workers and the management team.

FieldOS has identified this problem and is now on a mission to empower the deskless workforce. The startup has built a modern low code software platform that embeds all the flows a field worker needs: job management, HR activities, real time communication, document management and more.

Why we love FieldOS

  • Unique solution: one of the few low code solutions on the Field Service Management (FSM) and CWM (Collaborative Work Management);

  • Traction: €25,632 MRR in early March 2023;

  • Clients: KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Wipro, Assa Abloy, Dussmann, AFI, etc;

  • Important ROI for customers: 5% - 15% increase in revenue after 6 months of using FieldOS;

  • Team: 12 years experience in product and business development;

  • Experienced angel investors on the board: Liviu Munteanu, Mihai Guran, Liviu Sima, Stefan Botezatu, Adrian Torma;

  • Investment terms: Late Seed round of up to €720,000 backed by multiple angel investors, including Liviu Munteanu and Mihai Guran.

​​We invite you to evaluate FieldOS's upcoming deal. They'll be giving a presentation on their business, followed by a Q&A.

​​​​Join us starting at 5PM EET on Monday, March 13.