Finding and protecting your time



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Workshop Audience:  

​​Academics and researchers of all career stages. 


For various reasons, academia can be a challenging climate right now for some of us, and this workshop provides an opportunity for you to focus on what matters to you now and in the long term, to help you make good decisions about where you want to head.

Academics work in a high pressure environment with multiple overlapping work streams.  Often this busyness can preclude reflecting on what could be better, and where we can work smarter.  This workshop focuses on a) identifying what we want to find time for b) how we can carve out protected time c) what we need to consider for our protected time to work effectively.

In this session participants will:

•        Explore factors that impact on our time management

•        Identify want we want to spend our time doing

•        Think about how we are deciding on our priorities

•        Consider how we can carve out and protect time for what matters to us

•        Work collaboratively in a constructive and supportive environment. 


Dr Jo Collins is a coach, trainer, researcher and consultant specialising in supporting researchers and academics in the Higher Education sector.  As a coach Jo has helped many academics and researchers to identify and address challenges to staying and working well.  Jo has been working in Higher Education for the last twenty years, and her research has explored supporting doctoral students to work well, particularly through scaffolding peer mentoring and coaching skills in supervision.

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