Founder Chat: How to Move Faster with Kelly McDonald



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Building momentum and traction in the early stages of the a company is key if you want to raise venture funding and stay motivated!

In this founder chat, we will have a candid conversations with Kelly McDonald, Co-Founder and CEO of Kyndoo about the ways in which a founder can and MUST move quickly!

Kelly will share how she was able to build momentum quickly even as a bootstrapped solo founder, which has helped Kyndoo to raised $500k in venture funding and grow a team. She will also be talking about tools that have helped her move faster.

Kelly McDonald is the Co-Founder and CEO of Kyndoo, a predictive data platform for social commerce. Prior to founding Kyndoo, Kelly was the Senior Vice President of Revenue, Operations, and People at RealtyShares where she helped scale the residential debt division from 0-180M in closed volume in less than 18 months. An entrepreneur at heart, Kelly loves working on big problems at the earliest stages of a company. She is driven by her passion for the people she leads, and the journey toward the greater vision they share. She lives in the Bay Area with her wife, Rachael, and their dogs Nancy Drew and Encyclopedia Brown.

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