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Founder Friends in Singapore

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Let's hang!

​​​​Join the Singapore founder community to connect with other founders and hear war stories from a founder who went through the wringer and came out the other side.

We've previously done this in San Francisco and in New York, and it's time to bring it to Singapore!

Meet Max Lee, CEO & Co-Founder of Pantas

Pantas started out as an e-invoicing platform for SMEs to automate the invoicing and payment process.

It is now an end to end platform that helps large enterprises measure, manage and disclose carbon emissions.

These might sound like two very different businesses. Well, it took about 2 years and a couple different pivots for this to happen.

All sorts of questions were in Max's mind during this process...

  • When do I pivot?

  • How do I convince not just my team, but my employees and also my investors that this is the right move?

  • OK, I did that once... but how do I convince them again?

  • How do I balance seizing opportunities vs being patient for the right opportunity?

His mantra amidst these questions were clear and simple:

  1. Be transparent in communications. No sugarcoating, no bluffing.

  2. Be consistent in updates - especially during these transition periods. Don't drop off.

  3. Be firm even in the face of rejections and doubt. You're voicing a change that you firmly believe in!

Great ideas need people to say no to. Great ideas aren't obvious. Great ideas take time and the right people to come to fruition. And great ideas are worth experimenting.

Join us on Aug 2 where Max will share more about his journey with Shiyan Koh, Managing Partner at Hustle Fund. Come meet fellow founders, ask Max about his story, and tell us all about what you’re building!

​The Schedule

​​​​6PM - 6:30PM: Get here & make friends

​​​​6:30PM - 7PM: Fireside chat with Max Lee, Co-founder & CEO of Pantas and Shiyan Koh, Managing Partner at Hustle Fund

​​​​7PM - 7:30PM: Q&A - ask your questions!

​​​​7:30PM - 8.30PM: Make more friends :)

​​​​8:30PM: End

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