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Let's hang!

​​Join the LA founder community to connect with other founders and hear war stories from a founder who went through the wringer and came out the other side.

​Meet Carlos Escutia, founder of GroWrk

Carlos Escutia is the founder and CEO of GroWrk, the go-to platform for global IT equipment procurement and asset management tailored for today's remote and hybrid working landscape. Before establishing GroWrk, Carlos co-founded and played a pivotal role in shaping operations at CasaOne, an Accel-supported furniture rental tech startup, which raised $78 million in funding. With deep roots in the finance sector, Carlos has a proven track record, managing over $4 billion in transactions for Fortune 500 firms during his tenures at FIS VC and Wells Fargo Securities. He holds an MBA from the NYU Stern School of Business and is a staunch advocate for innovating the future of work.

How it all began

Carlos’s journey to founding GroWrk screams Hustle.

In 2019, after Carlos and his cofounders were faced with the challenges of equipping team members abroad, GroWrk was founded to answer this problem, providing remote companies with IT equipment management solutions.

GroWrk Goes Global

In 2020, GroWrk built the first technology platform to modernize enterprise tech management at a global scale to manage the entire IT estate and streamline security, compliance, audit, finance, and experience task.

In 2021, GroWrk scaled to 100+ countries, establishing infrastructure partnerships and last mile-logistics across AMER, APAC, and EMEA.

GroWrk Today

Fast forward to today, GroWrk boasts over 150 customers, including recognizable brands like Brex, Hims, Dialpad, ClickUp, Quora, Calendly, and Typeform.

Don't miss this chance to hear from Carlos and learn how GroWrk came to be, and how they’re now redefining remote work solutions.

The Schedule

***This event has limited capacity. Only the first 150 signups will be in!***

​​6-6:30pm: Get here, eat pizza, make friends

​​6:30-7pm: Fireside chat - DeVaris Brown, CEO of Meroxa

​​7-7:30pm: Q&A

​​7:30-8:30pm: Finish the pizza, make more friends

​​8:30pm: End

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