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Fireside Friday's: Recruiting and Developing Nontraditional Talent: From DJ to SE

Hosted by PreSales Leadership Collective
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We've decided to open this event, which is normally a private event for our PreSales Leadership Collective members, to everyone. Enjoy a chance to hear this conversation with Kevin and Jag. (and if you're a PreSales leader interested in joining PSLC for more private content, please see for more information.)

Finding SE talent that has relevant experience is important, but it’s also critical to hire individuals who are willing and able to adapt. This Fireside Chat discusses how to create a process for identifying candidates who are confident in their ability to understand the delta between what they've done before and what successful PreSales professionals do on a day-to-day basis.

Our guest speaker, Kevin O'Keefe, will discuss techniques to identify gaps between a candidate and what a successful PreSales professional looks like, as well as techniques for mitigating the risk of hiring someone in PreSales with no directly relevant experience.

Joining Kevin will be one of his top performers, Jag Jasani, who prior to joining PreSales, spent over 10 years as an entertainment DJ. Jag will be discussing how, as a candidate, it's possible to prove to managers that someone has relevant skills and competencies to onboard and be successful quickly when coming from a very different role.

Once hired, PreSales professionals need to be nurtured properly and given the right tools in order to be successful on day one. This fireside chat will give you inside tips and strategies for hiring people that are truly aligned with your organization's brand, values, and mission by evaluating how well they can work within these parameters rather than just checking off boxes.

Don't miss this chance to hear from a fellow hiring manager and a nontraditional candidate on their experiences in finding talent. After the interview, you'll also have the chance to present your own questions to Kevin and Jag.

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