Cover Image for Screening: Feeding Tomorrow Directed by Oliver English & Simon English
Cover Image for Screening: Feeding Tomorrow Directed by Oliver English & Simon English
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Screening: Feeding Tomorrow Directed by Oliver English & Simon English

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Join The KINN for a screening of award-winning documentary Feeding Tomorrow, directed by Oliver English and Simon English. An interactive Q&A and discussion will follow focused on the impact we all contribute to the world and each other. Regenerative, organic wine and flatbreads by Oliver English will be served post film with a live DJ set.

About The Film 

 We all have the power to make positive change in the world, and food is at the center of that change. FEEDING TOMORROW tells an interconnected story of how food interacts with and transforms every part of our lives. By threading together the stories of a dynamic group of innovators, we cast a new vision for a more regenerative world.  

Our lens focuses on innovators across agriculture, healthcare, and education as they work to transform our broken food system. We follow Thabiti Brown, Head of School at Codman Academy, Lisa Mcdowell, Director of Nutrition at St Joseph Mercy Hospitals, and Mark Shepard, Founder & Farmer of New Forest Farm to discover the biggest challenges and the real solutions we face in agriculture, healthcare, and education. 

Our film documents the hard truth about where we are today and provides tangible, working examples: farming that will feed our future, healthy food that will heal us, a new model for holistic education. Each of our experts provide tangible actions that each one of us can make in our daily lives to be a part of change.

Feeding Tomorrow was produced by Common Table Creative, an impact-driven production company founded by the two brothers.

Your Ticket Proceeds

$5 from every ticket sold will be donated to the Los Angeles Food Policy Council who works to ensure food is healthy, affordable, fair and sustainable for all.

Cast: Featured voices in the film include Thabiti Brown, Lisa McDowell, Mark Shepard, Sekani Nash, Amanda Sweetman, Dr. Zach Bush, Komal Ahmed, Rishi Kumar, Clare Fox, Dr. Shenggen Fan, Anastasia Cole-Plakias, Dr. Salima Hauber, Dr. Gidon Eshel, Passion Murray, Dr. Noah Wilson-Rich.

Credits: The film is directed by Oliver English and Simon English; produced by Oliver English; and executive produced by Jon Sheinberg, Susan Sheinberg, Matt Feige, and Oliver English. The film’s Director of Photography & Editor is Simon English

About the Filmmakers 

Oliver English 

Oliver is a filmmaker, chef and food advocate. Growing up in his family’s restaurants, he has been intimately involved in the world of food his whole life. Oliver is the Co-Founder & CEO of Common Table Creative, overseeing the company's vision, business development, hospitality, and communications. Oliver is a graduate of Cornell’s School of Hotel Administration and a member of the American Council of Young Political Leaders (ACYPL). Social @Oliver_English 

Simon English

Simon is a director, editor, and cinematographer. Growing up in his family’s restaurant business, Simon found an early passion for filming in kitchens, markets, and telling stories about the power of food with chefs. Simon is the Co-Founder and Creative Director for Common Table Creative, overseeing all cinematography, photography, and editing. His reel includes, short narrative films, music videos, documentaries, commercials. Simon is a graduate of the New York Film Academy. Social @Simon_English 

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