Cover Image for Building AI Powered Products
Cover Image for Building AI Powered Products
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Building AI Powered Products

Hosted by Puja Bharwani
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Are you a product manager looking to layer GenAI into your workflow? Join us for an informative webinar on AI for Product Management. Dr. Eva Agapaki will guide you through useful GenAI tools and applications that can help grow and improve your product workflows and processes. 

The workshop is divided into three parts: 

(1) AI Deep Dive: Dr. Eva will share key generative AI concepts and how they are linked to product strategy with her Generative AI Flywheel framework, (2) AI in action: a practical, real-world case study on how to layer AI in your product/workflow (3) Strategies for tangible ROI: The workshop will conclude with 3 actionable strategies, each a key to unlocking measurable ROI.

In this session, she will cover: 

  1. Key AI technical concepts to foster product innovation  

  2. A sneak peek of the AI landscapes, latest tools and AI value chain

  3. Practical applications of AI in product management

  4. Ways to demonstrate ROI for building impactful AI products


Dr. Eva Agapaki is a renowned expert in AI and product strategy, with over 8 years of experience at the forefront of AI and machine learning innovation. She has made significant contributions to large corporations like PTC and AVEVA, and is known for her role as the driving force behind TENET TWIN, a startup she incubated from an idea to a beacon of applied research. She has also served as an AI and Product Management Professor at the University of Florida. She has a Ph.D. in Computer Science from MIT and a Ph.D in Civil Engineering from the University of Cambridge.

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