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Ask-Me-Anything on ML model monitoring w/ Lina Weichbrodt

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Join us for the next text-based AMA session with Lina Weichbrodt to chat about ML monitoring learnings from 30+ machine learning use cases. 

Lina is a pragmatic ML consultant developing and running ML applications with millions of users. As a freelance ML engineer, she works on various use cases: from predicting traffic problems from tweets to implementing underwriting risk scoring. She likes to solve business problems end-to-end and make machine learning or simple, fast heuristics work in the real world.

Prior to ML consulting, Lina developed real-time, deep learning personalization models for more than 32M users at Zalando and introduced MLOps best practices at the German online bank DKB. 

In her spare time, Lina likes to exchange with other people on how they can implement best practices in machine learning, particularly on the topics of ML monitoring (check out this PyData talk!).

While you can ask Lina ANYTHING, here are a few topics as an example:

​​📊 Building ML monitoring systems
✅ How to prioritize ML monitoring metrics
🐞 ML model debugging practices 
🛠 Choosing the right toolkit
🚀 Being a freelance ML engineer

This is a text-based AMA. We will host the event on our Discord #ask-me-anything channel. Here’s how it works:

  • You post a question on the channel

  • Lina responds

  • The author of the best question gets recognition from Evidently

You can post your questions in advance or ask them live. Bear in mind that if we have a lot of questions, we’ll prioritize live questions, though. The author of the best question gets recognition from Evidently. 

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If you are not sure you can join the event live, feel free to sign up anyway: you can ask your question in the registration form and find the answer in Discord after the event.