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Office Hours

Hosted by Mayfly Ventures
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Book weekly coffees/walks with advisors in product building, capital raising, traction and operations. Find strategies to unlock new heights and break through barriers.

​​Examples of who can you meet with:

Geo, Cofounder - Mayfly Ventures Product Strategy,
(Defining your MVP, key features, choosing the right tech stack, no code, app performance, database structures)

Alan Cofounder - Birchal Community building, (Web 3.0, scaling, capital raising, crowdfunding)

Chris, CTO - Mayfly Ventures (AI, Hard Algorithms, ScalableTech)

​​How does it work?
Get access to booking links, each mentor will have three 20-minute slots each week to be booked. Office Hours sessions are in person and can be conducted over coffee or a walk. Bookings are limited to 2 bookings per founder per week.