Cover Image for Farcaster Meetup Rome
Cover Image for Farcaster Meetup Rome
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Farcaster Meetup Rome

Hosted by urbe.eth
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The 1st Farcaster meetup happening in Italy, namely in Rome, hosted by urbe.eth, the community for web3 builders in Italy.

Farcaster is a protocol for building decentralized social apps. Learn more:


  • About Farcaster

    • Intro

    • Workshop

  • Special guest (remote)

  • Food, drinks, networking

Special Thanks

This meetup is indipendent, community-led and community funded, made to grow the Farcaster ecosystem worldwide.

17 people supported a crowdfunding campaign launched on Fabric.

Thanks to Jonny Mack for the amazing support in setting it up, and to all the community members who funded the campaign.

Thanks also to thumbsup.eth, who created this awesome AI generated event cover.

About urbe.eth 🐺

​urbe.eth is a non-profit cultural association based in Rome, Italy. Born in May 2022, our goal is to spread knowledge, awareness and education around the Web3 & Blockchain ecosystem, involving builders who create and bring new value in the space. Our core activities include meetups, events, coworking days, traveling to hackathons & conferences and other educational activities. Our biggest community effort so far has been ETHRome (6-8th Oct 2023), the 1st Web3 hackathon in Italy, focused on Privacy & Governance topics.

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Via Baccio Baldini, 12, 00146 Roma RM, Italy
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17 Going