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Fundraising in an Economic Downturn: What to Expect & How to Win

Hosted by Jason Yeh & Jonathan Lee
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The rules have changed in fundraising. How should you play this new game?

For 2+ years, everything was up and to the right with endless optimism...

Fundraising in that environment was fast and loose. It seemed like everyone was getting term sheets without much stress.

Then, came Spring 2022 when everything changed. Markets crashed and optimism was replaced with FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt).

Everyone is telling you to wait it out. Hold your breath until the fall and start your fundraise then.

But why??

And How??

By the end of this workshop, founders will:

• Get a deep understanding of the changing dynamics of startup capital

• Know how to avoid the pitfalls of fundraising tactics that don’t work in this new market

• Develop an approach to effectively fundraise in Q4 and beyond

UPDATE FOR DAY 2: Special Guest - Jesse Puji (Founder , Investor, Master Twitter Thread writer)

Day 1 is in the books!

Elizabeth and Mac dropped some amazing, actionable gems…so grateful they took the time to participate.

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