Introduction to Face Recognition with Python



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A short hands-on workshop on getting started with Face Recognition.

​We will be writing code to detect and recognize faces of different people in images and videos using Python packages like face_recognition, dlib and OpenCV.

​There will be live Q&A section to discuss and understand how things work. We will be running the code on Google Colab. All the files and Jupyter notebooks will be shared with the participants.

​This will be a beginner friendly event. All skill levels are welcome.

About the host

​​Arun Ponnusamy

​​Computer Vision Research Engineer at US based Healthcare AI Startup. More than half a decade of experience in the AI industry. Passionate about Computer Vision and Machine Learning. Blogger ( Lifelong learner. Author of the open source Python library cvlib ( Remote work enthusiast. Loves to explain complex topics in a simple intuitive way.

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