Cover Image for Ohayō! ⛩ 🇯🇵  Fabric Ventures @ ETHTokyo with CoinPost, Near Foundation, Selini Capital and Houbi Ventures

Ohayō! ⛩ 🇯🇵 Fabric Ventures @ ETHTokyo with CoinPost, Near Foundation, Selini Capital and Houbi Ventures

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🥢 We Survived 2022. What's Next? - a laid back post armageddon expert overview and predictions in the market
🥢 The Future of Digital Identity - Web3 Social, Digital Identity and Privacy
🥢 Onboarding The Next Million - Designing User Friendly Experiences
🥢 Unlocking Web3 in Japan - What the market needs, removing adoption friction!

This event includes the presence of:
Richard Muirhead and Mia Soarez from Fabric Ventures.
Special guest Jordi Alexander from Selini Capital and special participation of Near Foundation - Unlocking Web3 in Japan!
And will be covered by the CoinPost team across all media including recorded version for Youtube and Twitter.
Special thanks to Houbi Ventures joining us last minute!


6:00 - Opening 

6:20 - Welcome by Richard Muirhead (Fabric)

6:30 - We Survived 2022. What's Next? led by Selini Capital
Jordi Alexander (Selini Capital)
Darryl Wang (Tangent)
Moderated by Lucas (Bankless)

7:15 - The Future of Digital Identity 
Joonatan CEO (Phaver)
Suji CEO Mask Network
Richard Muirhead (Fabric)
Moderated by Brad (CoinPost)  

8:00 - Onboarding The Next Million
Ric Burton (Dawn Wallet)
Lauren (Consensys)
Jun (Ledger)
Gigi (Houbi Ventures)
Richard Muirhead (Fabric)
Moderated by Brad (CoinPost)

8:30 - Unlocking Web3 in Japan, led by Near Foundation
Robbie Lim (Head of BD / Investments at Near Foundation)
Orion Parrott - GP of OrangeDAO
Ben Watanabe - CEO of 555 Comics
Jeff Miyahara Co-Founder and CCO at KLKTN
Akio Tanaka partner IVC and Headline

9:00 - Networking

10:00pm - Closing


Fabric Ventures is a top Web3 European fund, focused on backing the boldest founders in Web3 building the open economy. Fabric is the first institutional cheque invested in companies, crypto assets and digital networks that are on a path to become global winners. The Fabric team is made of ex-founders who have built companies to over $3 billion in value, with experience from Google, PayPal, Visa and more.

CoinPost is Japan's leading Web3 media company. Launched in 2017, it quickly grew into the most-visited Japanese crypto news site, featuring articles, videos, and even film. With the addition of English content in 2022, it now offers live interviews with founders and investors on the industry forefront, and its first global conference, WebX, in Tokyo this July promises to be Asia's largest Web3 gathering.

Selini Capital is one of the most active participants across the entire crypto space, consisting of a global top-5 Market Maker in SLN Capital, a defi-specialized venture fund in Selini Ventures, and a multi-strategy hedge fund in Selini All-Weather. Technology and trading are our two main areas of expertise, closely followed by meme-posting.

Let’s build the Open Web World
NEAR Network is a carbon-neutral layer-1 blockchain network that is scalable and secure thanks to its unique implementation of sharding called Nightshade. NEAR is built with a focus on usability and ease of use, for both developers and users.
NEAR Foundation is a non-profit foundation that is responsible for contracting protocol maintainers, funding ecosystem development, and shepherding core governance of the NEAR protocol.

Huobi Ventures is the global investment division of Huobi, which empowers Huobi's global presence and boosts the shared growth and benefits with its global partners through capital operation. Huobi Ventures explores and assists the industry's cutting-edge technologies and emerging business models, enabling Huobi to pursue sustainable development and the whole industry to establish a win-win ecology. Huobi Ventures is committed to seeking like-minded strategic partners around the world, focusing on supporting high-quality innovations and technologies by leveraging complementary resources. It aims to realize the prosperity of the blockchain industry by collaborating with its partners.

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