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What is a Qubit?

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Quantum Information Science (QIS) is an emerging technology with great potential to impact computing, communication, and sensing. This talk will highlight and describe the physics of several quantum objects that enable the realization of qubit devices. The combination of quantum physics, information theory, electrical engineering, and materials science are needed to understand and advance this exciting technology. This interdisciplinary nature of quantum information science and engineering creates a broad range of possible career pathways for those interested in both hardware and software aspects of QIS. 

About the Host

Christopher J.K. Richardson is a research scientist at the Laboratory for Physical Sciences and an adjunct professor in the Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Maryland. He received his PhD and MS degrees in materials science and engineering from Johns Hopkins University and his BS degree in engineering physics from the University of Maine. He has authored papers and conference contributions in technical areas spanning epitaxial material design, growth, materials characterization, optoelectronic devices, and superconductor resonators. His current research interests include molecular beam epitaxy of dissimilar materials and the materials science of quantum computing