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AMA with the Hustleverse team and Elizabeth Yin of Hustle Fund

Hosted by Lidia Bit-Yunan
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At Hustle Fund, we believe the best career opportunities in the coming decade will be in Web3 and that's why we're building the Hustleverse, an online community to help people learn about and transition their careers into Web3.

Join us in this AMA where the Hustleverse team and Hustle Fund co-founder and investor Elizabeth Yin will talk about:

  • Why did Hustle Fund decide to launch the Hustleverse?

  • Why the interest in Web3?

  • Who do we hope joins this community?

  • How will this community be different from other Web3 communities?

  • How the Hustleverse can help when it comes to transitioning your career to Web3?

  • What is the Hustleverse Passport NFT?

And we'll also set aside time to answer your questions as well.

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The Hustleverse team:

Hung Pham

Founder of The Hustleverse. Creative Director at Hustle Fund. Founder of Culture Summit (acquired). Crypto and Web3 investor since 2015. Devout Transformers collector. Follow him on Twitter @HungVPham

Lidia Bit-Yunan

Program Director at The Hustleverse. Former creator of Camp Everest - an inclusive startup customer acquisition community. Co-founder of Set Scouter (500 Startups 2016), and an ex-TV producer. Spending lots of time being a newbie Web3 explorer, while drinking copious amounts of tea and being a mom.