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Coffee Masterclass

Hosted by Isha
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We got mentioned on Conde Nast Travel, Business Insider and Forbes Mexico!

This experience is hosted by Elena who is traveling around and Christian who is located in Mexico.

Very few people understand why they like what they like. We think most of us tend to eat and drink out of necessity, doing so in a hurry. We would like to fix that.

We will discuss what's considered a great cup of coffee and why. We will do this by covering some basic concepts about the neuroscience of flavor. Then, we will go through the different processes and ideas on how to brew the best cup of coffee.

Also we believe that coffee is about connection, inspiration, and drive. Some of the biggest changes of humanity have been inspired and fueled by coffee. We strongly believe that now is the perfect time to share a cup of coffee.

What to Bring:

  • 1 lime or lemon

  • 1 piece of any other fruit that you love—if possible, mandarin or pear (if not, don't worry)

  • Half a spoon of Cinnamon

  • Half a spoon of Sugar

  • Half a spoon of Salt

  • Sparkling water—if you don't have, regular water

  • All the equipment ready that you use to brew coffee at home

  • One package coffee ground or beans its ok

  • Any type of milk that you like

  • pen/pencil and paper

  • Nice to have, but not strictly necessary: scale