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Explore Fellowship Program FAQ

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If you have heard about the Explore Latitud Fellowship and are interested in joining our next cohort, don't miss the chance to know all the details, secrets, and tips about the program. ✨

Hop in next Wednesday, October 19th, for a live session with Latitud co-founder Gina.

We will cover:

  • What the heck is Latitud

  • How you benefit from the Explore fellowship

  • What the program and community look like

  • Tips & secrets to nail your application

​Bring all your questions and get ready for some dad (or rad?) jokes – BG's specialty. 😎

FAQ about this FAQ

What is an Explore Fellowship Program FAQ session?
A live session for all soon-to-be founders, early-stage founders or experienced founders on a new journey, in which we will cover the why, how and when of our Explore Fellowship (a very cool equity-free program that supports the next generation of world-class LatAm founders). We will answer all your questions too, of course!

Can anyone join?
Yes, anyone interested in applying or curious about the fellowship can join. It's also virtual and gluten-free, you just need to hit that Register button.

I already know everything about the program but want to stay updated about important dates.
You can sign up here to get updates about our programs (plus some really cool content).

​See you then! 🤗