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Everything is storytelling

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About Event

Everyone has a story. And your story is what makes people want to support you.

So nailing your story is perhaps the #1 most powerful thing you can do for your business.

Whether talking to investors, employees, or customers, knowing how to position your brand's story is critical. Why? Because at the end of the day, you're talking to people.

And people connect with other people through storytelling.

Join us for this free hour-long deep dive into:

  • how to develop the most compelling version of your brand's story

  • how to connect with your listener immediately

  • real-time examples of what makes a great brand story

Who's behind this event?

Robin Zander

Robin Zander is an entrepreneur, super-connector, performer, event planner, and videographer (among other things).

He runs a media company called Zander Media, a creative shop that makes irresistible explainer videos. Robin works with startups to help them define their brand, then creates assets those companies can use to achieve meaningful growth.

Zander Media's clients include orgs like Sequoia, Lattice, Philz Coffee, and even Hustle Fund. And his work isn't fluffy. It actually helps companies grow.

He's a champion storyteller, a creative mastermind, and has cracked the code on what makes a great story (and how to use that story to achieve hockey stick growth).

Kera DeMars

Kera is the head of marketing at Hustle Fund, a pre-seed and seed-stage venture fund that believes great founders can look like anyone and come from anywhere.

Kera has over a decade of experience working with startups to help them define their marketing and content strategy, as well as 14+ years of producing content and events for her own startups.