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What Every Family Should Know About Trusts

Trust Planning: What Every Family Should Know About Trusts

Hosted by Copper Leaf Financial
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Trusts could play an important role as you plan for your family’s future, yet it’s surprising how little most people know about them. Whether you have an existing trust or maybe you are considering it for your situation- join us and discover everything you should know about them to make the best choice for your family.

Michael L. Thompson, CAP®, AIF®, AEP® of Copper Leaf Financial is pleased to welcome Rebecca Halvorson of Cumberland Trust for Copper Leaf’s next townhall event. They will discuss ALL things “trust” including:

  • Common types and main use of trusts

  • How do trusts work?

  • Under what circumstances should you consider a trust?

  • Pros & cons of family members as trustees

  • What is a corporate trustee and when should you partner with one?

  • Using a traditional bank or trust company vs working with an independent trust company

  • Directed trusts

  • Are you dissatisfied with your current trust?

  • How to change trust companies

  • Is it the right choice for your family?

No knowledge of trusts required.

More about Rebecca Halvorson and Cumberland Trust:

Rebecca works with families and financial advisors to deliver a full range of trust services. Her background includes experience as a Management Consultant for Ernst & Young, a Financial Analyst, and then Managing Director of Investor Relations and Corporate Contributions for FedEx. She is an active member of the Memphis community and has participated in the Memphis Business Journal Table of Experts panel conversations.