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Esta semana, tenemos un workshop especial.

En este séptimo workshop, Pokgairay nos contará su experiencia como NFT Degen

La charla será en inglés y se tocará los siguientes temas:

👉Making a Living with NFTs

📌Mass minting using bots: Explanation of mass minting. Popular bots for mass minting: Breeze, NFT Sensei, Thunder.

📌Contract Exploits: Types of contract exploits (reentrancy, deterministic reveal). Examples of past contract exploit and how people made money

📌MEV: Types of MEV - Listing-to-offer arbitrage, fat fingers. Examples of past MEVs

📌Trait Flipping: Strategies & OTC. How to identify traits with the potential for flipping

📌Lending: Different loan platforms and protocols

📌Airdrop Farming: Active farms include Blur, Looksrare Dynamics and showcase people losing money to earn points

Un evento organizado en colaboración con NTT DATA.