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Cover Image for SF ZK Dev Meetup & Social
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Dabl Club
A third space for developers to learn, launch and grow on Polygon protocols.
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About Event

Join us for an exclusive evening of workshops, hacking, demos, and networking - and an afterparty - at the SF ZK Developers Meetup! This event is designed for developers interested in exploring the world of zero-knowledge and the web3 ecosystem.

The Venue:

Our venue, The Foundry is the largest web3 events center in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Foundry has hosted 2,000+ attendees for web3 events in 2024 attracting partners like Paradigm, Polygon, Chainlink, ZKM, and PizzaDAO. The space is equipped with state-of-the-art lighting, sound, and audiovisual making it the ideal location for meetups, hackathons, and parties More info:

The Hosts:

Hosted by Dabl Club and House of ZK,, Polygon Labs, Hadron Founders Club, One Piece Labs, Chainlink, Cookbook, OKX WEB3, and CryptoMondays.

The Schedule:

5:00 PM - 6:00 PM: Pizza & Networking

Kick off the evening with delicious pizza and a chance to network with fellow developers, industry experts, and like-minded enthusiasts. Enjoy casual conversations and get ready for the workshops. We'll also have some fun games if we can arrange it!

6:00 PM - 7:00 PM: Workshops

Our lineup of expert-led workshops will equip you with the knowledge to deploy a smart contracts on ZKEVMs in seconds, deploy your own ZK rollup in 20 minutes, and get early access to use a ZK VM in your own protocol. If you aren't a protocol developer, you'll understand the latest advancements in the space.

  • Deploying smart contracts on ZKEVMs

  • General Purpose ZKVMs

  • Pessimistic Proofs

  • ZKEVM Chain Development Kit

7:00 PM - 8:00 PM: Hacking & Social

Meet other developers and enjoy ZK themed cocktails.

8:00 PM - 9:00 PM: Demos

Showcase your work and see what others have built. This is your chance to present your project, get feedback, and be inspired by the creativity and talent of your peers.

9:00 PM - 10:00 PM: DJs & Networking

Wrap up the evening with some music and relaxed networking. Enjoy the tunes, make new connections, and unwind after a productive day.

The Speakers:

Tyler Sehr, Cookbook Founder

Discover how to quickly deploy smart contracts on ZKEVMs with this rapid-fire workshop. Tyler Sehr will guide you through the process, making it accessible and efficient.

Cat Anderson, ZKM Marketing, & BD, House of ZK, Founder

Gain insights into the world of general-purpose ZK VMs. Cat Anderson will explain their importance and potential applications in the blockchain ecosystem.

Colin Lowenberg, Dabl Club Core Contributor

Dive deep into Pessimistic Proofs and the Aggregation Layer to share liquidity across L2s, and how they enhance the Ethereum ecosystem.

Explore the ZKEVM Chain Development Kit. Understand its features and how it can help you build your own L2 in just 20 minutes.

The Hosts:

Dabl Club

​Dabl Club is a collective of Builder Guilds in 111 cities. We just started a new Builder Guild for San Francisco, and this is our 3rd community event.


​ZKM is extending Bitcoin through its Entangled Rollup Network, offering native asset security and sustainable yield. Our mission is to unite the fragmented Web3 universe via its zkVM, establishing ZKM as the Global Settlement Network.

​Cookbook is an open-source smart contract registry where developers can find solidity primitives, libraries, and smart contracts for protocols across EVM-compatible blockchains that rely on the solidity programming language.

Try it out yourself:

Polygon Labs

​Polygon Labs researchers and engineers have designed the aggregation layer, a novel solution to unify the whole of Web3. Like the invention of TCP/IP, which created a seamlessly unified Internet, the aggregation layer, or AggLayer, unites a divided blockchain landscape into a web of ZK-secured L1 and L2 chains that feels like a single chain. 

Apply for the Grant Program:


Aspecta is an AI-powered identity network to empower builders and foster ecosystem growth.

With Aspecta's intelligent identity solution, builders are able to demonstrate skills, impacts, and experiences with verifiable proof after linking GitHub, Stack Overflow, on-chain addresses, projects, blogs, and other web2 & web3 data. Aspecta committed to revolutionize the utilization of identity in different builder-related scenarios including collaboration, getting funded, recruiting, community building and more with maximized impact.

Aspecta also provides Dev-Eco-As-A-Service for builder-oriented ecosystems to vitalize and grow the builder community using Aspecta as an infrastructure. Our close partners include Gitcoin, Linea, Taiko, Polygon and many others.

Hadron Founders Club

Hadron Founders Club is a Polygon powered, open, collaborative community of passionate founders, builders and creators who want to build the future of the internet of value ~ Together.

​​​​​OnePiece Labs

​​​​​OnePiece Labs is a leading Web3 incubator, offers startups networking, mentorship, and resources for success. Founded by seasoned Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, it aims to cultivate the future's Web3 unicorns through results-driven outcomes.

The Foundry SF
1425 Folsom St, San Francisco, CA 94103, USA
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Presented by
Dabl Club
A third space for developers to learn, launch and grow on Polygon protocols.
187 Going