Cover Image for DeFi Happy Hour at ETH CC w/ Halborn, Core, Popcorn, Siren, Beefy, Notifi & Range Protocol

DeFi Happy Hour at ETH CC w/ Halborn, Core, Popcorn, Siren, Beefy, Notifi & Range Protocol

Hosted by Halborn & 8 others
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Paris, Île-de-France
Past Event
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Join us for another DeFi Happy Hour at ETH CC in Paris, France where ‘Adventure Meets Ideas’ at Serpent à Plume, a chic and 70’s-styled speakeasy located in the historic 24 Place des Vosges.

Don't miss this unforgettable evening of good conversations and handcrafted cocktails with Halborn, Beefy, Notifi, Siren, Popcorn, Core DAO and Range Protocol!

Halborn is an award-winning, elite cybersecurity company for blockchain organizations. Halborn serves as your reputable partner to continuously assess an organization’s most vital assets, save time in your development lifecycle and provide world-class cybersecurity consulting and assessments every step of the way — far beyond smart contracts.

Beefy: a Decentralized, Multichain Yield Optimizer that allows its users to earn compound interest on their crypto holdings.

Notifi is building the cross-chain communication infrastructure and tooling for all Web3 projects to better manage their users and communities. Our mission is to onboard the next 100 million users into Web3 by empowering our customers to unlock better communication and first-class user experience through our on-chain and off-chain messaging capabilities. Notifi provides our Web3 customers with a seamless end-to-end user communication management experience and highly customizable platform that can adapt to our partners’ native environment. We are bringing our strong product and technical expertise as enterprise-grade messaging and communication software builders to improve the overall user experience for users across DeFi, DAOs, GameFi, and other Web3 dApps.

Siren: Trade crypto options you can't trade anywhere else. Siren provides a full-featured, non-custodial trading experience on a variety of crypto.

Popcorn: Popcorn is a ReFi yield-optimizing protocol with custom-tailored vault strategies that simultaneously fund public goods at no additional cost. You can now customize your own vault with Popcorn's new protocol, VaultCraft.

Range Protocol: Range Protocol is building the infrastructure for on chain asset management through non custodial vaults where sophisticated vault managers can run their automated strategies with transparent on chain execution. We envision a future where blockchain-based assets are professionally managed on a scale comparable to traditional financial platforms.

Core DAO: Core DAO is a secure, scalable, and affordable Bitcoin-powered, EVM compatible blockchain created for web3 builders, new users, and everyone in between.

We are building the infrastructure for vault managers to run a diverse set of strategies across themes like - Spot / AMM Automated Liquidity Management Vaults on top of concentrated liquidity AMMs like Uniswap, Pancakeswap, Quickswap etc.; Liquid Staking Automated Vaults to optimize the yields across Liquid Staking ETH derivatives like stETH (Lido Staked ETH), fxsETH (Frax Ether) etc; NFT-Finance Automated Vaults for optimizing yield on top of NFT lending markets like Blur Lending, BendDAO, Paraspace etc; Derivatives Automated Vaults for optimizing yield on top of decentralized derivative platforms like GMX (Perpetuals), QuickPerps (Perpetual), Lyra (Options), Opyn (Options) etc.