Cover Image for Communicating Value in the Digital Economy
Cover Image for Communicating Value in the Digital Economy
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Communicating Value in the Digital Economy

Hosted by Self-Worth Academy
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As a guest participant, you are invited to get a taste of the EPI course. In this session we'll focus on:

- Six ways that your digital presence matters

- Common pitfalls that professionals fall into, e.g. trying to sell at the point of connection

- Practical tips on communicating value

- Daily and weekly habits to cultivate

- Example of a Conversation-Trigger message that works

- Suggested homework for your action-planning

Time: 4-5:30pm UK / 5-6:30pm Belgium

Once you are registered and approved, you will receive an email with a video to watch before attending the live event.

For any questions, please contact Amanda at


You can visit the session on 19 December as a guest, without charge.

Together, they form part of the Enriching Professional Identitycourse.

In summary, this includes a blend of group/individual support, together with an online learning platform where you can work at your own pace.

Over the course of six months (starting whenever you choose), the key outcomes are:

> Upgrading / defining a new professional identity, that works in the AI economy;

> Communicating this identity so that others can open doors for you, vs. being forever stuck doing your own promotion;

> A regular routine that re-educates your network about your identity and develops new connections;

> Developing your energy and resilience via deeper self-worth, vs reliance on self-esteem or validation from others;

> Some practical steps to lead others to develop their professional identity (there is also an advanced course for this)

12 Going