Cover Image for Decoded Pre-Drinks with PoKe and W3F
Cover Image for Decoded Pre-Drinks with PoKe and W3F

Decoded Pre-Drinks with PoKe and W3F

Hosted by Elisa (KILT & PoKe) & WebZero
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Polkadot Decoded Pre-Drinks with PoKe

Join us at the WebZero Blockspace on July 10th from 7 PM onwards to kick-off Polkadot Decoded with free drinks and snacks, sponsored by PoKe - Polkadot’s Key Account Unit.

PoKe, Polkadot’s newly established key account business development unit, is focused on integrating large enterprises and government entities into the Polkadot ecosystem. Our mission is to leverage this potential, driving Polkadot’s emergence as a leading blockchain infrastructure provider.

Stop by, enjoy a drink, and learn about PoKe’s goals, approach, and how you can contribute to Polkadot’s success. See you there!

7pm: Arrival at WebZero’s Blockspace/The Sneakers Café

7:30-8pm: Intro to PoKe and call to action by Ingo Rübe and Mark Cachia

8-9pm: Networking

At 9pm the Polkadot Decoded Opening Party starts. Let's go over there together. We are looking forward to it!

In addition to the agenda outlined above, we are pleased to announce a special get-together for Decentralized Future teams, who have been explicitly invited by the Web3 Foundation.

Pt Rue des Bouchers 6
1000 Bruxelles, Belgium