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Campfire Chat with Charles Vogl

Hosted by Community Feelings
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"At campfires, we have time, proximity, freedom, and intimacy to connect meaningfully with others if we choose." - Charles Vogl

Join us for a chat with one of my mentors and friend-in-community-building, Charles Vogl.

Charles Vogl is the author of three books, including the international best selling The Art of Community, and Building Brand Communities. He is an advisor to globally influential organizations, a former human rights, homelessness and labor activist, PBS documentary filmmaker, and a current Gen X father.

Charles' community building and leadership skills have supported operations within firms, including Google, Airbnb, Twitch, ServiceNow and Meetup.

Charles is a founding member of the Google Vitality Lab, where experts come together to address global health problems that plague our era. He studied spiritual traditions, ethics and business at Yale as a Jesse Ball duPont Foundation Scholar.