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ENS Town Hall Q2/2023

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About Event

Join us for the ENS Town Hall for Q2 2023. We will review the last quarter and look ahead at priorities for ENS over the coming months. We will hear from ENS Labs members, Working Groups Stewards, and a number of builders active in the ENS ecosystem.

The Town Hall is held as a Zoom call. We will also be streaming the event live to the ENS Domains channel on Youtube.


- Alisha

ENS Labs
- Khori
- Nick
- Dom

Meta-Governance Working Group
- Katherine
- Santi from Karpatkey

Public Goods Working Group
- Colton

Ecosystem Working Group
- Alex/Slobo
- Daylon from ENS DAO Newsletters

Ecosystem Projects
Josh from .box
Andrew from Skiff
Alex from Namestone
Matt/Melly from ENS Vision
Cap from Namespace
Prem from Unruggable Subdomains
Varun from Farcaster

The Town Hall will be recorded and shared after the event.

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