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So You're an Enabler, Now What?

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Are you tired of watching your loved one battle addiction while neglecting your own needs? Do you ever feel trapped in a cycle of enabling, unable to express your true feelings or growing frustrated with your loved one's behaviour? It's time to break free and take charge of your well-being! Join Shift therapist Olivia Vander Vloet for a transformative journey into the world of enabling in this free, virtual deep dive on July 13 at 6 PM EST.

Reminder: you're not alone in this struggle—many people have been right where you are. Together, we'll deep dive into how enabling contributes to the cycle of addiction and empower ourselves with practical strategies to break the cycle by creating healthier boundaries. 

What you can expect in this virtual deep dive: 

  • To better understand and recognize the patterns of enabling 

  • Learn practical strategies to break free from enabling behaviours 

  • Develop a toolbox of new skills you can use for self-care, managing stress, and caring for your emotional well-being

  • Learn about the resources and services available to you for your support as well as your loved ones who are experiencing addiction

  • Be welcomed into a safe and supportive space to share your experience and learn from others with similar experiences

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