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EmpireDAO Demo Day

Hosted by Supreet Kaur
Past Event
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About Event

We are excited to host our second EmpireDAO Demo Day on Tuesday November 15th at 6pm! We will also have some of our VC members in attendance who can provide feedback and ask questions, the EmpireDAO team is very excited to see what our community builders have been working on!

Startups Presenting:
Hedgey Finance: Build tools that help DAOs raise, compensate, and collaborate with other DAOs
Havana: Algo execution and infrastructure for DeFi
Raincards: Corporate credit card for web3 teams
OxCord: On-ramps to crypto infrastructure (think, Heroku for web3)
+ more

5:30pm Feel free to come early for a building tour!
6pm-7pm Mingling
7pm-8:30pm Presentations (~10min each followed by Q+A)
*We ask that you do not leave the room in the middle of presentation because it can be disruptive to the presenter*
8:30pm-9:30pm Mingling... and more chances for a tour

Refreshments will be served.