Cover Image for Cipher Social with RISC Zero
Cover Image for Cipher Social with RISC Zero
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Cipher Social with RISC Zero

Hosted by Natalia | RISC Zero & Steven Li
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​πŸ₯‚ Come together with RISC Zero and friends for drinks & bites to wrap out zkSummit week in Athens.

About RISC Zero:
We're on a mission to transform the internet for the better. Our team of innovative hackers, visionary futurists, and passionate nerds is devoted to creating a digital space that's safe, inclusive, and empowers everyone. By developing the world's first zero-knowledge virtual machine, we've laid the groundwork for running arbitrary code as a zero-knowledge proof. Utilizing a ZK Coprocessor to assist or enhance the compute of an on-chain application, we have created a unique package - the RISC Zero ZK Coprocessor, comprised of the zkVM, Bonsai, and ETH Relay. Now, we're ambitiously constructing an entire ecosystem around this groundbreaking technology.


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232 Going