The M&A Sprint by the BizOps and CoS Networks



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You see the Wall Street Journal headlines... You think it's cool.

But what is M&A, really?

Introducing The M&A Sprint brought to you by the Chief of Staff Network and the BizOps Network.

What is it? A 4-workshop sprint that will give you the learnings, resources, and community to level-up your M&A knowledge.

Why does it matter? Well, your company may look to acquire another company to grow. You may be thrown into a new business situation because of M&A and unsure what to do. You may want to take on a new project or new role at your company. And many other reasons because life in BizOps or as a CoS is unpredictable.

After this Sprint, you will be ready!

Below is an overview on each of the 4 workshop sessions. Register for all of them. Or one. It's up to you!

Thursday 4/14: How and Why Companies look at M&A from a Corporate Development prospective.

Things you will likely learn:

-how do companies decide to buy, build, and/or partner with another company?

-how does a company financially analyze another company?

Tuesday 4/19: What an M&A deal looks like and who are the stakeholders that could be involved.

Things you will likely learn:

-what does an M&A process look like from start to finish?

-how do CoS and BizOps get involved in an M&A deal process?

-how are M&A deals structured and negotiated?

-what does the due diligence process look like?

Wednesday 4/20: Post-acquisition business integration.

Things you will likely learn:

-what does companies do after they acquire a company?

-how do companies think about incorporating an other company into their business strategy, product, and or customer base?

Friday 4/22: Post-acquisition culture and operations integration

Things you will likely learn:

-how companies integrate other companies into their company operations

-how companies ensure an M&A transaction has been successful for culture building and employee morale and retention

Our hope

In addition to the learnings, our hope is that this M&A Sprint can also help you with your future career path decisions. Do you want to be a General Manager of a business unit created because of M&A? Or how about working in the Corporate Development department after working as a CoS?

Well, this Sprint is definitely for you.

Can't wait to SPRINT with you,

Scott, David, and Doc with the Chief of Staff Network and BizOps Network