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Free Workshop : Creating a Talent Plan to make your startup layoff-proof

Hosted by Workflow, Jennifer Kim @jenistyping & Lauren Friedman
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See what all the hype is about... and get some immediately actionable recruiting tips and strategies, unique to Workflow's HireEd Accelerator!

The secret killer for many startups? Over-hiring. Too many startups are told to "scale" without any meaningful guidance on what that means. If you're not careful, you can end up with a bunch of people on payroll who are too senior, too junior, or without defined roles. This leads to waste, decreased runways, and general chaos.

That's where proper Planning comes in! ​In this 1-hour workshop, you'll learn:

​• Why layoffs are so "contagious" with startups (spoiler: it's the lack of proper Planning at companies)

• The importance of tying every role to clearly articulated business goals, and set up every person you hire up for success

​• As a Founder, Hiring Manager, or Talent professional, how to lead change management from Reactive to Proactive

​• Creating a hiring plan template that works for your team

We'll also spend some time with general Q&A - if you're hiring at a startup, bring us your problems and we're happy to solve them with you!

And if you find the workshop helpful, we'd love to invite you to our upcoming Cohort of HireEd Accelerator – it starts March 8th and is accepting applications!