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Employee Journey Mapping: Turning Insights Into Action

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So you decided to create an employee journey map. You've had interviews with several employees to collect insights. You've identified areas of strength and areas that need work.

You have an employee journey map full of information in front of you.

What do you do now? How do you map out these insights into the employee experience? How can you measure the success of your journey map?

All these questions (and more) will be answered during this event. Paul Lopushinsky, founder of Playficient, will work through a practical example of an employee journey map that comes from the accumulation of past client work and best practices.

📄 In this talk, Paul will address these key questions:

  • What solutions can we use to improve the employee experience?

  • How can we come up with possible solutions to problems brought up?

  • How do we decide which solutions to put in place? Which ones should we start with?

  • How can we measure the success of the employee journey map? How can we measure the success of implemented solutions?

  • What KPIs should we use?

The session will be followed up with the Q&A, so make sure to join live 😉

🎤 About the speaker

Paul Lopushinsky is the founder of Playficient, a consultancy helping organizations cut through the bull and focus on what matters in the employee experience.

Areas of focus for Playficient include the following:

  • Employee journey mapping

  • Improving the employee onboarding experience

  • Using Design Thinking to Build Better Employee Experiences

  • Create more playful cultures that don't rely on a fancy tech office that better resembles a kindergarten class or forced fun.

About organizers

UXPressia is an all-in-one cloud solution for understanding customer, user, and buyer experience, engaging teams, and driving successful digital transformation. Visualize your customers' journeys, create personas and impact maps, analyze touchpoints in multi-channel interactions, and invite teammates to collaborate in real time. Export designer-quality maps and personas and present them right from your browser online.

🎥 The event is going to be recorded.