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Pitch Yourself! 馃摚

Hosted by The Commons & 4 others
Past Event
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鈥婽here's no better time or place to meet community members AND level up by refining your answer to the age old question: "So tell me about yourself".

鈥媁e are firm believers that practice makes perfect - many community members (us included) have found that the more practice you have in telling your professional story out loud, the better it gets.


  • 鈥嬧婩irst 5 minutes for folks to roll in (we don鈥檛 have a lot of time so try not to join late) 鈴

  • 鈥嬧5 to 7 minutes breakout rooms聽

    • 鈥嬧媃ou and your partner will each take 1-2 minutes to introduce yourself

    • 鈥嬧婻eserve some time to share constructive thoughts on your peer鈥檚 pitch

    • 鈥嬧婻inse and repeat!聽

鈥嬧婲OTE: This article is a really good read that I鈥檇 suggest at least skimming before hopping on the call. With the take-aways in mind, try to have an idea of what kind of role you鈥檇 like to mock pitch in this session. This will help you narrow in on the aspects of your professional story that are most relevant for the particular conversation you鈥檙e having.

鈥嬧婽IP: Always be positive! Think about your forward trajectory and where you want to go next. Don鈥檛 get bogged down in what鈥檚 not great about your current role.聽聽