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EdgeDB 2.0 — Launch Day

Hosted by Colin McDonnell & 3 others
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EdgeDB 2.0 is here.

The world's greatest (and only, admittedly) graph-relational database is back for an action-packed sequel. Following up on our 1.0 launch in February 2022, we're thrilled to release EdgeDB 2.0 with some massive new features: object-level security, grouping and analytical queries, and a best-in-class admin UI.

Join us for a series of live-streamed lightning talks from the EdgeDB team breaking down everything you need to know.


Introducing EdgeDB 2.0 [10 mins]
Yury, Co-Founder and CEO

Pretty, powerful: a demo of EdgeDB UI [15mins]
Colin, Head of Developer Relations

Access control with object-level security [15mins]
Elvis, Co-Founder and CTO

Getting analytical with GROUP [25mins]
Sully, Senior Software Engineer

The future of EdgeDB [5mins]
Yury, Co-Founder and CEO

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