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About Event

We're bringing the best and brightest builders on Solana together, the first Thursday of every month 🥳

Whether you're a builder, and investor, or a user, this is an event not to be missed. In the span of 60 minutes, you'll get up to speed on the latest events, projects, and alpha in the Solana ecosystem. There's no better or faster way to get up to speed with everything Solana.

The Agenda:

  • 🍾 Wins of the Month [December]

  • 🎙️ The State of Solana

  • 🥳 Special Guest: Udi Wertheimer

  • ☔️ Alpha Drops from Top Solana Projects

    • Jito Labs

    • Kamino Finance

    • Drift

    • Genopets

  • 💰 Work to Earn Opportunities

  • 🎉 Closing POAP

Questions? Ideas? Want to Contribute?

Reach out to @kashdhanda on Twitter

Feeling FOMO That You Missed the Last One?

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