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Rooted Action: Exploring Eco-spirituality and Quakerism

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We are living in the midst of climate crisis — and it is important to hold space to grieve our losses: individual and communal, ecological and spiritual. When so much hangs in the balance, we can lean into thoughtful curiosity, develop muscular hope, and seed sustainable action as we chart a course toward "a just and sustainable future for the Earth, our common home." Community should be the foundation from which we move, and our spirituality can ground our actions.

Quaker theology and practice has a lot to offer and can help us to hold all we are facing, as well as the Light and gifts we all carry. How can Quakerism be a foundation for hope and action in response to the climate crisis? How must we and our theology be transformed to meet the challenges of this time?

Join us in this program led by Christy Randazzo as we explore eco-spirituality, connect in community and co-create paths forward. We will dig into the generative potential of Quaker values and theology in light of the climate crisis; the power, place and practices of community; hold space to grieve and mourn what we have lost; reflect on where our hope lies and ground that hope in sustainable practice.

Session dates and descriptions:

All sessions run from 7:30 - 9 PM (ET), and happen on Zoom and onsite at Beacon Hill Friends House. Christy Randazzo will be facilitating from Zoom, with BHFH Staff providing onsite support.

  • October 19: Recognition

    • How can our Quaker values and theology respond to the significant changes to our earth because of climate change?

  • November 2: Community

    • Who are we in this space? What are the practices we have in community?

  • November 16: Mourning

    • How do we mourn what we have lost?

  • November 30: Hope

    • Where is hope for the future, and what practices help us have hope?

About Christy Randazzo

Christy Randazzo (pronouns: they/them) is a convinced Friend and a member of Haddonfield Friends Meeting in Haddonfield, NJ, USA. Christy is a theologian and teacher, whose work has been engaged in bridging the divide between the contemplative nature of theological writing with the active, lived theology of congregational life.

Christy teaches at both Montclair State University (New Jersey, USA) and the University of St. Joseph (Connecticut, USA), where they offer courses on religious peacemaking, introduction to religious studies, and the intersections between theology and peace work. They have also done ministry across multiple religious communities in diverse settings, including youth and young adult ministry, chaplaincy, and religious education at both the high school and university level, social ministries amongst unhoused populations, and peacemaking in situations of ethno-religious conflict.

They have written in a variety of both academic and popular settings, including the Quaker biblical studies series Illuminate, the Politics of Scripture project for the Journal of Political Theology (which they also help edit), two books for the Brill Quaker Studies series, and for Bloomsbury/T&T Clark, Quaker Theological Ecosystems: A Quaker Constructive Theology. They have earned several degrees in theology, including an MA in general theology from St. Mary’s Seminary and University, an MPhil in Reconciliation Theology from Trinity College Dublin, and a PhD in Quaker theology from the University of Birmingham.

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