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What Will (Economic) Freedom Look Like Post-COVID? | Ajay Narottam Shah

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About The Session:

Most parts of the world reacted to the pandemic with varying levels of lockdown – this meant that governments took on enormous powers to direct the people. But can we sustain this equation as the world shows signs of opening up to life as it were? As restrictions ease and medical concerns begin to subside, it is important to take a close look at the prospects for human societies after the pandemic.
Continuation of state domination, on the scale that was present in the pandemic, will have an adverse impact on freedom and prosperity, believes economist Ajay Shah.

What will the session cover?

1. How do we collectively recover from the economic slump caused by the pandemic?
2. Will some countries recover better than others?
3. How can India cope with the economic challenges of the pandemic?

About The Speaker:

Ajay Shah studied at IIT, Bombay and USC, Los Angeles. He has held positions at the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy (CMIE), Indira Gandhi Institute for Development Research (IGIDR), Department of Economic Affairs at the Ministry of Finance and National Institute for Public Finance and Policy (NIPFP). He is now part of xKDR Forum and Jindal Global University. His research is at the intersection of economics, law and public administration. His second book, co-authored with Vijay Kelkar, "In service of the republic: The art and science of economic policy", featured in Bloomberg's global "2020 Best Books on Business and Leadership". His work can be accessed on his home page (

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