Cover Image for Easter Egg Hunt & Potluck @ Bunny House 🐰🏑
Cover Image for Easter Egg Hunt & Potluck @ Bunny House 🐰🏑

Easter Egg Hunt & Potluck @ Bunny House 🐰🏑

Hosted by Design Buddies & 4 others
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San Francisco, California
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​Hop into Easter at Bunny House! Come hang out, participate in an egg hunt, bring food (preferably bunny themed), and hang out with the best founders and creatives around SF!

​Bunny House is the newest founder/creator house in SF. Founded by Grace Ling / Design Buddies (bunnies) community. Reach out to Grace if you'd like to collaborate on events!

​Cover art by Grace Ling! Art IG

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San Francisco, California