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Earth Day Ceremony with Traci Diana

Hosted by Ellister's Elixirs & Traci Diana
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Come gather in sacred circle to honor the life and abundance mother earth provides for us. In this ceremony honoring Earth Day, we will dig roots deep into the ground through guided meditation and journaling, wake up the earth and our bodies from slumber with intuitive dance and movement and perform a sacred fire and soil ceremony for the protection of our planet. Join us in honoring and offering gratitude to the elements and spirits of the land we call home. 

Flow of the evening:

  • Group cleansing & opening circle

  • Guided meditation

  • Fire & soil ceremony

  • Intuitive movement/dance

  • Closing circle 

What to bring:

  • Something to sit on (cushion, yoga mat, etc…)

  • Any offerings for the earth (MUST be a natural offering)

  • Journal & pen

About Traci

Traci grew up fostering a special relationship with nature that has heavily influenced her experience as a witch & diviner. Working with the elements, the old gods & mother earth’s energy, she aspires to bring integrative and transforming experiences to those she works with and help them discover their personal power. She draws on her proto-germanic pagan roots to shape her practice as an eclectic practitioner, and is further inspired by Norse spirituality & the divine masculine.

 Traci’s journey has led her to become a teacher in many different aspects. She currently is self-employed with her business YavannasWoods, offering guided meditation programs, tarot readings & classes, reiki, energy work & one-on-one guidance for building the foundations of a witchcraft practice. 

She is passionate about the planet and the outdoors, and when not facilitating can be found hiking, climbing mountains, kayaking or reading a Tolkien novel.

Find more about Traci and her offerings here!
Traci's 12-week meditation program “Journeying Down”
Instagram: @Yavannas.woods