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GameFi & NFTs: How NFTs will Change the Way We Play

Hosted by Earlywork Team, Dan Brockwell 🌞 & Jono Herman
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We're continuing our exploration into all things Web3; this time we're focusing on NFTs and GameFi.

NFTs (non-fungible tokens) have developed a unique use-case as collectibles in games. However, the jury is still out to see if NFTs are a grift or if they are the future of the industry. Steam is bearish. Animoca Brands? Bullish.

We'll be joined by Jack Leung (Chief Architect @ Pylon Labs) and Pea Lord-Doyle (Global Talent Acquisition Manager @ Immutable) to have a fireside chat about

  • Why is GameFi an important development for the industry?

  • Where is it all headed?

  • How can we get involved in the space or even build a career out of it?

There will be plenty of time for audience Q&A at the end!

Say hi to Jack: @gamefimage

Say hi to Pea: @immutablepea

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