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Early Stage Investors & Founders Fair

Hosted by zehra & jack mcclelland
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New York, New York
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One of the most frustrating parts of fundraising as an early stage founder is knowing how funds define "early stage" - can you just have an idea? What type of traction do you need? Come to this event and you'll get all those questions answered.

This event will feature 15 early-stage NYC-based funds in a "college fair" style room. Founders will be able to speak to representatives at each firm and walk around the room meeting each fund.

Every 45 minutes 30 new founders will enter the space so it doesn't get too busy (this will happen 3x).

Investors coming include: 2048 Ventures, Anthemis, Bessemer, Bullish, Canapi, Cowboy, Fin, Night, Picus, Point72 Ventures, SOSV, and more 🔥