Ada's List Roundtable with Patricia Gestoso - The business value of diversity and inclusion: Beyond the workplace

Jul 24 (Sat), 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM Coordinated Universal Time


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Join our Ada's List Summer Festival Roundtable with Dr. Patricia Gestoso

The diversity and inclusion (D&I) conversation in business is an internal affair. We focus on the workplace. Measures of success come in form of diversity audits, employee surveys, or gender and ethnic pay gaps.

What about quantifying its impact on the bottom line beyond the 2015 research from McKinsey showing that companies with more diverse workforces perform better financially?

Let’s meet to share and explore real case studies where embedding D&I in business operations - sales, marketing, product development, service delivery - has delivered tangible business value.

If you're interested in building or contributing to the business case for diversity and inclusion in tech, come and join the conversation!

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