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Folklore's Strategy Bootcamp

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Folklore's final bootcamp for 2022 is about all things strategic planning for the new year.

Join other founders and senior leaders in the Folklore portfolio for a round table discussion around topics like planning methodologies, scoping opportunity areas, prioritising and making decisions effectively, having a raise to raise mindset, and exits and acquisitions.

Our guest facilitators from the community will include Alister Coleman and Tanisha Banaszczyk from Folklore Ventures, and three Folklore founders; Aidan Lister from Uptick, Tom Batterbury from Auror and Matt Hollis from ProductEngine (bios below).

The bootcamp will run from 9am - 12pm on Thursday the 1st December, and you are welcome to join us either virtually, or in person at Folklore HQ in Redfern from 8.45am (breakfast and lunch provided). The morning will look like the following -

  • 8:45am: Coffees & light breakfast for those attending at Folklore HQ

  • 9am: The call kicks off with group introductions 

  • 9.15am: What Strategy Is & Isn't with Al

  • 9.30am: Communicating & Measuring Your Plans with Tanisha, Matt and Tom

  • 10.15am: Short break

  • 10.30am: The Raise to Raise Mindset with Al & Tanisha

  • 11.15am: Exits & Acquisitions with Aidan

  • 12pm: Conclusion and a light lunch 

We are also organising a special EOY portfolio drinks at the Dove & Olive in Sydney from 4.30pm. If you're attending the bootcamp in person, we encourage you to join us afterwards, invite your team along, and celebrate the end of a big year with other members of the Folklore community - including a number of talented coaches from this year's Chapters series.

Please RSVP ASAP to let us know if you're able to join us for the Strategy Bootcamp, EOY drinks, or both!

The link to join us online:
Our address for those attending in person: Tenancy 4, Level 1/16 Eveleigh St, Redfern NSW 2016

Facilitator Bios

Alister Coleman - Founder and Managing Partner of Folklore Ventures

Alister is the founder and Partner at Folklore, a Sydney-based venture capital firm backing startups built by Australian and New Zealand founders with global ambition. Founded in 2013, Folklore is a 'first cheque to forever' venture capital firm built by startup investors, operators and founders that invests over the full journey of their companies. Alister has over 15 years’ experience as an investor, advisor and founder of technology companies.

Tanisha Banaszczyk - Founder and Managing Partner of Folklore Ventures

Tanisha is a Principal at Folklore. After graduating from the University of Western Australia, she worked at both EY and Macquarie Capital. Prior to joining the Folklore team, she launched and led the A$100m Strategic Investment Fund for the Minderoo Foundation after relocating back to Australia following roles at VC firms in Indonesia including AC Ventures and Convergence Ventures.

Aidan Lister - Managing Director of Uptick

Aidan Lister has over 20 years experience in technology and entrepreneurship. He has a passion for programming, starting his career building websites as a teenager, and later as a pioneering digital nomad while running a distressed project consultancy servicing clients across Australia, the USA and the UK. Since then, Aidan has founded over a dozen ventures of various shapes, sizes and success, in industries ranging from fin-tech to e-commerce. Aidan is currently the CEO and Founder of Uptick which is a field servicing platform focussing on building maintenance in the life, health and safety sector. Their product enables businesses to manage their mobile workforce to perform complex asset-based maintenance at scale. Their platform is used to maintain over 10M pieces of equipment each year in 4 countries, ensuring the compliance of more than 600,000 commercial and multi-storey residential property.

Tom Batterbury - Co-Founder of Auror

Tom is one of the founders of Auror, a Crime Intelligence Platform, powering the movement to reduce crime in our communities. Over 50,000 retail stores and 2,000 law enforcement agencies are leveraging Auror to create safer communities around the world.

Matt Hollis - Founder of ProductEngine

Matt has been fortunate to work at two very successful Australian startups; PIPE Networks and Vocus Communications. At Vocus, while growing a sales team from 3 to 110 sales people, managing 550 staff and participating in 15+ acquisitions, he learned the importance of lightweight strategic planning in fast growing companies. Matt is currently the CEO and Co-founder of ProductEngine and a Director at Swoop Holdings Limited (ASX: SWP)