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Strategic planning what-not-to-do's and operating systems

Hosted by Jump Capital
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Join Jump for a workshop breaking down strategic financial planning and budgeting alongside operating frameworks.

We’ve packed a lot into this 75-minute workshop, dividing it into two 30-minute halves covering strategic financial planning and budgeting and implementing performance-driven operating frameworks and cultures. We've also reserved 15 minutes for Q&A with our expert speakers.


First Half: Planning for the Punches (30 mins)

"Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth." Startups should take Mike Tyson’s words to heart and plan for uncertainty. In this session, we'll cover building strategic plans that can weather unexpected blows, including:

  • Creating plans aligned with your company's guiding mission and principles

  • Forecasting vs. budgeting: Being intentional in your processes

  • Process timing and alignment across leadership, board, and investors

  • What not to do's and lessons learned

Guest speakers Jeffrey Chalmers of Sight Machine and Jonathan Grant of Osano share their experiences.

Second Half: Operating Systems for Performance (30 mins)

Startups often grow so quickly that organizing operating processes gets overlooked. In this session, we’ll explore the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) for creating a performance-based culture.

  • What is EOS and how it works

  • When implementing a structured operating model makes sense

  • Pros and cons of the EOS approach

  • Challenges in implementing and sustaining EOS

Guest speaker Luigi Testa of LinkSquares discusses insights from his experience implementing EOS.