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AI for Good: Community Conversations

Hosted by Artur Kiulian & Rahul Parundekar
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San Francisco, California
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About Event

AI for Good: Community Conversations is an event series that focuses on the social impact of technology. Its connection to the culture, user behavior, innovation, and social impact.

Event is organized by PolyAgent & Radical Philanthropies - 501(c)(3) non-profit organization focused on empowering communities to build social good applications and Autonomous Humans a community centered around how to use AI thoughtfully to shape a future where technology serves deeper personal, professional, and societal goals.

Each monthly gathering is designed to explore how Artificial Intelligence can be harnessed to build meaningful applications and enhance cultural values while driving positive change in society. This initiative not only showcases the potential of AI as a force for good but also encourages a dialogue on the responsible use of technology.

— 17:00 - Networking
— 17:15 - Intro from Artur Kiulian, founder of Radical Philanthropies
— 17:30 - The Culture, Product & User Behavior Loop Presented by Chris Messina, the inventor of the hashtag and as of recent a venture capitalist. Chris will explore the dynamic relationship between cultural trends, product development, and user behavior, highlighting how these elements interact to shape technology’s impact on society. And most importantly, what responsibility we (as product builders) share on that journey.

— 18:00 - Fireside Chat: Fostering Responsible AI
Join our discussion with Ash Tutika, a venture capitalist with a passion for responsible technology and founder of a non-profit dedicated to safe AI practices. This discussion will dive into the challenges and opportunities in creating a supportive ecosystem for responsible AI innovations.

— 18:45 - Lightning Talks: Building AI for Good - Two rapid-fire, five-minute presentations showcasing innovative applications developed by founders. These talks will focus on practical examples of AI technologies designed to address social issues and promote positive change.

Tomy Lorsch - (ComplexChaos) - "Imagine if you could unite humanity to solve complex problems: How could AI augment collective intelligence?"

Lana Dubinskiy - (Founder of Women & AI) - Expert at Executive Office of the President - "AI for non-profits"

Bisi Obateru - Founder of JustiGuide, which simplifies immigration law through AI, making it accessible for all.

— 19:00 - Wrapping up and networking

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San Francisco, California
188 Going